Marvel at the Double Rainbow

I was loading clothes into the washing machine, halfheartedly sorting out the whites and colored, when I happened to look up. My eyes caught a glimpse of a rainbow through the window, and I immediately perked up. (There aren’t many things that make me smile as big as I do when I see a rainbow.) I opened the back door and stepped out, and there it was – a double rainbow! I clapped my hands together and ran in to get my phone (but of course) and immediately captured the moment that had me in total awe. Putting the phone away, I stood leaning on the doorframe and stared at it. My eyes traveled from the beginning of the first rainbow to the end of the second one, and then hopped back and forth between the mirroring images. I was transfixed. I felt childlike glee, and I laughed to myself, reveling in the pure awesomeness of this colorful sight.

I stood staring at it for as long as it was visible, arrested by twice the rainbow beauty, nestled amongst stormy grey clouds and emerging blue skies. And then it hit me why I was so enamoured by this marvellous sight. It wasn’t because of the ironic contrast between colors and greys and blues. It wasn’t because it brought back many childhood fantasies of looking up at the skies and seeing it painted by a big upside-down rainbow-y U. And it wasn’t because of the obvious attraction of seven alluring colors stacked alongside each other.

It was because I thought there was one rainbow, but when I looked longer, there was actually two. Two colorful rainbows, echoing each other as a double mirage. When I had only been expecting one. And it was that simple fact that I was treated to more than what I thought I would be getting that left me happily speechless, merry with childlike joy, just flooded with wonder.

It was like the time I gasped with delight at spotting a pretty little bunny on the university grounds, only to see that there were actually a whole nest of them peeking out behind the bushes. It was like the time I thought I was flying coach but then was upgraded to business! Like the time I paid for a single scoop of ice-cream but was given three scoops (can’t get enough of French Vanilla), and like the time I went in for a manicure and was given a pedicure on the house (two sets of glossy nails!). Like the time I was fretting for employment and then was recruited by one of the biggies, and like the time I was scouting for a Honda but was gifted a BMW. Like the time I thought I lost it all, only to realize that I was lucky enough to be given a second chance.

Double rainbows don’t happen often. But when they do, savour them. Relish your luck, delight in the surprise, and luxuriate in their glow.

It’s these little surprises that give enchantment to our world, that allow us to believe in the magic of things, give us hope that there will always be something to unexpectedly bring a smile to our lips.

Marvel at the double rainbows. They are the universe’s special surprises for you.



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