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profilepicc_FotorI’m a finance professional, counsellor, and life coach living in New Zealand.

I was born Indian, nurtured Indonesian, adopted Singaporean, and educated American. I’m a complex product of multicultural upbringing, globetrotting homes, and blurred geographical borders.

I’m the luckiest mother to my boys who mean the world to me. I’m a devoted daughter, loving sister, and loyal friend to many.

I have seen my ups and downs, but I continue to have hopes and desires, ideas and visions. I have faith in the inherent goodness of people. I believe in the wisdom of children and the beauty of nature. I trust in the honor of honesty and the magic of forgiveness.

I believe in the necessity to survive, and more importantly, the craving to thrive.


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  1. India, Indonesia, Singapore, America, New Zealand. By the gods, Sindhuja, you have lived more places than I have functioning brain cells!

    I’ve been reading your posts, and I’ve commented on one of them so far. It seems striking to me how much we think alike. I don’t mean we reach the same conclusions. Sometimes we don’t. But we process the facts the same way, typically moving from a psychological or philosophical analysis to implications of what we learned and we do it in a logical way.

    Looking forward to reading more posts as soon as I write a blog post you’ve just inspired.


    1. Thank you, Paul, for stopping by and leaving this lovely comment!

      I’m intrigued that you suggest we think alike. And it’s made me more curious that even though we potentially think alike, we also reach different conclusions – which makes it more exciting, in my opinion.

      I’m happy to have you here! I hope you will come back regularly to read.

      (Please let me know when your blog post is up – I’m keen to read what I’ve inspired). 🙂


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