I love me, too.

There is a popular saying that you cannot love others until you love yourself. In the 35 years of existence, I never outright disliked myself. I have had occasions when I wasn't too happy with myself - with how I behaved, or what I spoke, or how I reacted to something - but I didn't... Continue Reading →


My toddler, my baby, and I.

(I had written this blog post a few years ago, when my elder son was barely three and my younger one was just a few months old. It was inspired by my survival of early motherhood through a whole lot of personal chaos; what struck me when I was re-reading it was my exclusion of... Continue Reading →

My Female Tribe.

"Someone once described female friendship to me as a soft place to land, and it was. The women I love are like a life raft I didn't know I was looking for before I got on it." -- Text Me When You Get Home: The Evolution and Triumph of Modern Female Friendship by Kayleen Schaefer... Continue Reading →

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